About the Developer: Fraxtor Capital

About Fraxtor Capital

Fraxtor Capital, commonly referred to as Fraxtor, is a revolutionary figure in today’s real estate landscape. Positioned as a Real Estate Investment Platform, Fraxtor is not merely about brick and mortar but is built on a robust ideology. The organization’s foremost mission is to bridge the gap between capital and opportunities, embodying their ethos of “Bridging capital and opportunities.” Their vision shines clear – they aspire “To make real estate investment easy and accessible.”

Diving deeper into their offerings, the digital platform of Fraxtor serves as a conduit, connecting eager investors with tantalizing real estate investment ventures presented by private equity managers and boutique property developers. Their initiative isn’t just about creating a seamless transaction platform; it’s a movement towards financial inclusivity. By crafting a digital avenue that drastically lowers the initial capital outlay, Fraxtor has paved the way for investors to dip their toes into the vast ocean of real estate investments, a realm that was once exclusive to the elite. On the flip side, private equity entities and emerging property developers can tap into Fraxtor’s burgeoning platform to raise capital, harnessing the collective power of a vast pool of accredited investors.

The genesis of Fraxtor is an inspiring tale. In 2017, Oliver Siah and Rachel Teo, visionaries with over 35 years of combined experience in real estate, embarked on a journey to redefine the status quo. They were not content with the traditional confines of the real estate investment arena, where vast opportunities were limited to a select few. With Marcelo Garcia Casil adding technological prowess to their endeavor, they birthed Fraxtor, a platform aimed at democratizing this coveted asset class. Their solution was not just innovative but was a necessary intervention to address the glaring disparities in the market.

Today, Fraxtor stands tall, having evolved into a trusted name in the realm of real estate investments. With an expanding ecosystem, they have opened doors for investors, offering them a smorgasbord of niche investment opportunities. Whether it’s residential and industrial development projects nestled in the heart of Singapore, state-of-the-art student accommodations in the United Kingdom, or long-term-care homes in Canada, Fraxtor’s reach is both diverse and expansive. The journey of Fraxtor is a testament to the power of innovation, vision, and relentless determination.

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