Jui Residences wins a landscape prize for its aesthetic and humanitarian value

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The Hillshore condo floor plan

Jui Residences is the only mixed-use project to win an award called the Landscape Excellence Award at the EdgeProp Excellence Awards (EPEA) 2023. It is the second time Jui Residences has received with the award from a panel of judges. Jui Residences won the coveted Top Development Award for a mixed-use, finished development during EPEA 2022.

The Hillshore condo floor plan with a plot ratio of 1.4 and a large gross floor space of 64,039 square feet.

The property is situated on the banks of the Kallang River in Bendemeer, Jui Residences was developed by SDB Asia, the property development arm of Malaysian listed Selangor Dredging. The entire district of District 12 consists of a brand new 18-storey residential building close to the reconstructed former National Aerated Water Building. Jui Residences was completed in September 2021.

The project was conceptualized by the London-based architectural firm Carver-Haggard and the landscaping consultant was an international design company Okashimo.

When it was awarded this year’s Landscape Excellence Award this year, Jui Residences demonstrated to the judges their overall excellence. Jui Residences scored highly on aesthetics of the landscape and the integration of liveability and wellbeing, the consideration of the creation of habitats and biodiversity, and also in areas of landscape replacement and green plot percentage.

Aesthetical greenscapes

The landscaping design of Jui Residences leans into its closeness with its proximity to the Kallang River, and highlights its position as a riverfront home that is connected to parks and green space connectors. The development is directly connected to the nearby 7.87km-long Kallang Park Connector, that connects Bishan-Ang Kio Park with Kallang Riverside Park.

The most well-known landscaped feature is a vertical greenscape which is situated in front of towards the Kallang River. It contributes to the overall aesthetic value of the area The greenery blends in with the vegetation and trees which are located along the connecting park. The greenery throughout the development is watered by the smart irrigation drip system that allows for greater efficiency in water use and sustainability of water usage.

The greenery also extends into a public park which maximizes the usage for the prominent roadfrontage on Serangoon Road. This park is green lawn, which sits against the newly restored blue, pink, and white façade of the reconstructed National Aerated Water Building.

Jui Residences residents Jui Residences can take a moment to enjoy the views over The Kallang River and the surrounding neighborhood from a roof terrace located on the top floor. The communal area is home to an infinity-loop pool and the aqua-fitness pool as well as a wading swimming pool and a deck that has lounge chairs. There’s also a landscaping terrace that acts as a perfect background for a multi-purpose play space and a the viewing deck.

The judges also rated the project very highly in its regard to biodiversity and efforts to create habitat. As an example, approximately fifty% of plants that are used across the landscaped zones of the development are from Singapore and Southeast Asia. This means they are appropriate in the locale’s climate and more durable and less costly, reducing the total expense of replacement and maintenance.

Icon of the Heritage

The design elements of Jui Residences are a tribute to the art deco design of the original building that is the focal point of the entire development. The two-storey, standalone building was constructed in 1954 and served as a bottling plant for various soft drinks which were in high demand in the era of.

A few of the art deco-inspired components that are part of the residential block’s new design include vertical flutes that run along the facade, arched details on balconies, and an arch-like curve that runs along the building.

In the residences the elements of art deco are highlighted by an arched fascia which stretches over every balcony. In addition, bedrooms are fitted with the herringbone-inspired timber flooring and the variety of interior finishes is an inspiration from art deco-inspired elements.

Overall the jury of this year’s EPEA felicitated Jui Residences for its attention to the interplay between areas that are landscaped and the people who live in the condominium. This resulted in a sense belonging for the residents and also a taking into account the need for adequate social and recreational areas. Biophilia, also known as the value of nature, was evident throughout the construction and also complemented the existing conservation structure.

The combination of these factors led to an impressive sales pace at the time that the project was offered to the market in September of 2018. The developer had sold 29,548 lots (25%) over the weekend between Sept 22, 23. The median selling cost was around $1,700 per square foot.

The entire 117 units of Jui Residences had been sold by the end of August 2021, just three years after the launch of the market. The average price had increased to $1,840 at the time of the closing in August 2021, based on a list of caveats compiled from EdgeProp Singapore.

As the majority of residents settle into their new residences at Jui Residences and the surrounding areas, it was apparent to EPEA 2023 jury that the landscaping and greenery of the development had an impact on the community, making it a worthy recipient for the Landscape Excellence Award.

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